'Venice Landscape' by Fernando Casasempere's reviewed on The Times.

'Venice Landscape', Fernando Casasempere's sculpture part of the Sotheby's current show 'Venice:City of Dreams?' has been reviewed on The Times:

'Fernando Casasempere's eight-part sculpture Venice Landscape is the most extravagant and memorable piece in the show. Here, hoisted up on a series of steel jacks, are what look like fragile remnants of a decaying place rescued from ruin. We see the rough walls and the cupola of a church, its walls swollen and decrepit, its dome like some helmet that has been repeatedly beaten by Thor's hammer. All this ceramic decrepitude has been lifted up and beyond the reach of the menace of water like some old dame raising her skirts.

Michael Glover, 'Damp reflections of a rouged old dame' The Times, 16.01.07

To read the full article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/

'Venice: City of Dreams' runs at Sotheby's, Conduit Street Gallery

34-35 New Bond Street, London W1

15 to 19 January 2007, 9-4.30 pm