Fernando Casasempere at NewArtCentre

In May 2008 Fernando Casasempere took part in a major commission for the Economist Plaza, The Thought-Provoking Machine. The exhibition comprised of two industrial conveyor belts carrying Casasempere’s ceramic forms, inspired by the effects of machines and mass production on the environment and modern society. Casasempere’s new group of sculpture in the park at Roche Court comes from the same series. Seven box-like forms, with the title Excerpts from The Thought-Provoking Machine, are scattered in the undergrowth beneath  trees, where they appear to have been discarded like waste products from an unknown industrial process.

Excerpts from The Thought-Provoking Machine 1 - 7
Stoneware and porcelain with industrial waste
35 × 37 × 32 cm

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