Alda Caparrelli, ELLE Decoration

As an art advisor and dealer working with museums and private collectors all over the world, Alda travels a great deal searching for beautiful objects and exclusive works of art for her international clientele. Italian-born, she splits her time between her home in Naples and a South Kensington apartment, above, which is set over two floors of a vast and stately townhouse.The bright, sun-filled first floor is home to Studio Caparrelli, which includes a gallery, office and library.

What attracted you to your home/studio?
‘I was bewitched by its proportions and architectural features. The large, tall windows let in wonderful natural light that changes throughout the day and the traditional setting is a glorious backdrop to showing works of art.’

Why do you choose to live and work in the same space?
‘I regard it as a great privilege. Being surrounded by works of art is a source of constant stimulation. I also find that displaying art in a domestic setting, in contrast to a gallery, can help clients visualise the work in their own home.’

Does the space reflect more of your personal or professional side?
‘There’s a total harmony between both aspects of my life. I deal with artwork which I am passionate about, and although I do not impose my taste on clients, I always present them with the most exceptional pieces.’

What colours and textures have you used and why?
‘The rooms are all painted soft white because it’s unobtrusive. I keep the space uncluttered so collectors can focus on the works of art.’

What sort of atmosphere were you trying to create?
‘A warm, intimate and timeless elegance – a place where art can be enjoyed, reflected upon and discussed. In my space, an exquisite Old Master drawing can beautifully coexist next to a cutting-edge contemporary installation.’

How do you keep the space fresh, relaxing and inspirational for when you’re not working?
‘Each new show makes the whole space feel reshaped with a different perspective and energy. The changing display allows my visitors and I to engage with the space in a different way each time.’

In which part of your home are you at your most creative?
‘In my study, surrounded by my favourite books, objects and memorabilia, and at my desk, overlooking the beautiful garden.’

How do you display your favourite objects?
‘I am fascinated by the unexpected results you can obtain by juxtaposing antique and contemporary works of art. The mantelpiece and the very tall, wide walls serve this purpose perfectly.’

Is there anyone or anything you find particularly inspiring?
‘I refresh my inspiration by visiting museums and the great collections of the past, and keeping a dialogue with artists and collectors is fundamental. Also, going back to my Mediterranean roots always re-fires my imagination.’

Studio Caparrelli (020 7370 3850; www.studiocaparrelli.com).