Simona Dell'Agli: ON THE ROAD Attention and Distraction

On the road

Studio Caparrelli is pleased to present ON THE ROAD, an exhibition showcasing the work of Italian photographer Simona Dell'Agli.

Nature, car and photography have been linked together since automobile travel started; this is why the title of the exhibition hints not simply at the ideas of journeys and freedom but quite literally at the road travelled.

Central to the artist's photography is the way she approaches her subject matter: choosing locations she has knowledge of, she drives through them, interested not in recording them but rather in registering the impressions the journeys leave on the traveller's memory.

Showing here are intensely coloured images from two separate bodies of work: one depicting the open spaces of the American West, the other of landscapes taken along Italy's longest motorway.

Having photographed landscapes in motion for years, Simona Dell'Agli appreciates the way it can be compared to the experience of watching a movie; the flicking of the images speeding past, the view being framed by the window and the predisposition to daydream being the main traits. To anyone who has travelled through beautiful and haunting landscapes by car, her images will then appear both evocative and reminiscent.

Simona Dell'Agli has been living in London since 1990 and has exhibited in the UK, Italy and Estonia. She is an emerging artist chosen this year to take part in the Brighton Photo Biennial with her project Facelift.

Amongst the work presented here, America, a Super 8 movie shot in Arizona, was previously shown at the Five Year Gallery, London and a limited edition Road Map of Il Miracolo Italiano, also for sale at The Photographers' Gallery Bookstore.

20 November 2003 - 25 January 2004